If you’ve found your way here...

you know you weren't made for the traditional 9-5 life - you want to do something meaningful with your gifts, passions, and time on the planet.

you feel authentically drawn to doing work that makes a difference... but you also want to support yourself and those you love incredibly well in the process.  

you want to be able to work from anywhere... whether that means traveling the world, or just spending less time commuting and more time doing what you actually want to be doing with your life. 

✨you're ready to grow your soul-centered business with integrity and ease... you're just not sure exactly which steps to take (and in which order) to grow your business in the most sustainable + profitable way.

you thrive in a container of support that holds you accountable to the bigger vision you have for your life and stretches you to reach the next-level of earning that you desire. 
  • Knowing EXACTLY what you do, who you work with, and what makes you unique so that you can powerfully share your work with the world and stop playing small or holding back because you aren't "clear" yet.
  • ​Having a powerful mission that inspires you to get out of bed in the morning, makes your brand stand out from the masses, AND attracts your ideal client with ease.
  • ​Having a rock-solid business foundation in place that can scale to six-figures.
  • Creating powerful transformations for your clients that have them wanting to work with you again and again + refer all their friends (this is THE most powerful way to build a thriving business!)
  • Structuring your courses and products so that you're able to charge premium prices AND feel confident delivering on the results. 
  • ​​Conveying your AUTHENTIC voice online in a way that allows you to feel fully self-expressed while owning your expertise (even if you don't feel like an expert yet!)
  • Mastering the Art of Enrollment and finally LOVING sales calls instead of dreading them (and consistently enroll high-paying customers on repeat!) 
  • Holding powerful energetics in your work that almost instantly to turn prospects into paying clients who can't wait to work with you. 
  • Becoming pro at soul-centered marketing so that you're sharing your message and attracting paying clients (without feeling sleezy, slimy, inauthentic or manipulative),
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome so that you no longer play small or hold back... you are finally stepping into your leadership and fully owning your gifts and expertise. 
  • Learning next-level money mindset and manifestation techniques to align with the energy of abundance and ease so that you can become who you want to be while doing your good work in the world.
  • Watching your bank account balance go up and up and up while still having time to do what you love with the people you care about. 
Introducing... The Aligned Female Entrepreneur 
You'll get all of this and more in the 
Aligned Female Entrepreneur!
Here's exactly what we cover:
  • How to get clear on what makes you unique, who you work with, what you do
  • ​Learn how to find and enroll soul-mate clients that you LOVE working with
  • ​How to create your first (or next) high-end offers that deliver RESULTS and allow you to charge premium prices
  • Enroll paying clients with ease (plus how to automate payments so you can be making money 24/7)
  • ​How to structure your social media posts, newsletters, and marketing messages to bring in your next paying clients
  • ​How to set up your website, payments, automations, and scheduling on autopilot to bring in consistent customers
  • ​Mastering the metaphysics of money and manifesting your next level of income while stepping into the woman you want to BE in the world. 
When you sign up today you'll receive $1,000 OFF PLUS an extra month of LIVE coaching AND lifetime access to the course content and bonuses.

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 sure this course and her approach are the right fit for you.
And if you sign up now, you'll receive:
  • 3 months (4 months when you sign up now!) of weekly coaching with Krissy to get to get your questions answered PLUS personalize the course to your specific business or area of expertise (this is what makes this program so effective!)
  • ​A community of like-minded women who will stretch you and encourage you (plus be great source of feedback and referrals!)
  • ​You'll receive an accountability partner to practice your sales calls, refine your message and marketing with, and keep you accountable to your goals.
  • Monthly "Planning Parties" to clarify your priorities for the month, plan your social media posts, and set yourself up for success.
  • ​Monthly "Get it Done" sessions where we'll help you cross things off your to do list that have been there for months (or even years!) and have the ability to ask Krissy questions as you go!

Click the button below If you'd like to talk to Krissy directly to make
 sure this course and her approach are the right fit for you.

Working with Krissy, I launched my coaching practice, created my first program, and created my first talk that filled my entire coaching practice!

I had a dream of speaking from the stage and impacting hundreds of women in a positive way. I feel so blessed that my dream has become a reality - and so quickly! 


Thank you Krissy for helping me create my dream!

Krissy is an AMAZING business coach! I needed help to streamline my idea into reality. Three months later and I have an established business and clients! Plus, I've created the foundational structure that the business stands upon (website, social media, marketing, etc.).

Krissy helped me create and  implement my vision faster and more completely than I ever could have done on my own. I look  forward to working with her again!

- Jessyca

I started my business, launched my website, and signed my first THREE paying clients in 90 days working with Krissy.

Krissy helped me reach all my BIG business goals while still feeling like ME.  She’s firm when she needs to be firm and kind when she needs to be kind, it’s no-nonsense. 

You’re going to get the resources and tools you need to get where you want to go.

- Johanna

Working with Krissy was radically transformative for my business!

I've signed a whole boatload of clients in a very short time, let go of fears, and became confident at selling and signing new clients. 

I have concrete tools to create more abundance, ease, and flow. I thought I would be in a $$ rut forever but now I have a stable income! I learned so much that I’m taking into my biz + life. I feel like a new person on the other side of our coaching.

- Anjali
YES it IS possible to make a GREAT living doing meaningful work in the world...
PLUS these BONUSES when you enroll today!!
Tech Tutorials and Trainings
($1500 value)
No more tech headaches and rabbit holes! Forget hiring an expensive designer/developers or scrolling the internet for hours trying to figure out which app to use or how to create an opt-in form. 

We've got you covered. In the bonus trainings library you'll get everything you need to build a six-figure business from done-for-you tech tutorials, to templates for your website copy, to how to automate your income. 
No begging your techie friend to help you
No posting desperately in FB groups
No wasting $5,000 on a designer/developer to make your stuff
No hundreds of hours down the drain

...I'll show you how to DIY the heck out of your online biz.
Website in a Weekend
($3000 value)
Build or up-level your website into a money-making machine with this step-by-step training and workbook. Get done-for-you templates and follow-along video tutorials to set up your copy, automations, opt ins, branding graphics, and create a simple website like mine without having to hire it out (save $3k-$5k!)
Done-For-You Marketing Templates + Trainings
($3500 value)
This is how you'll SCALE YOUR BUSINESS. Get the Soul-Centered presentations scripts and Call to Action.

Plus learn how to create videos to post online, how to set up your YouTube, run your social media like a pro, create a gorgeous brand and graphics on the cheap, and get killer testimonials for your website.   

No hours of Googling & guessing
No buying an expensive speaking and webinar trainings
No second-guessing what to post on Facebook or Instagram
No wasting $$$ hiring a designer to make your slides pretty for no reason
Marketing actually CAN be easy and fun 🙂 With my help, you'll be a pro in no time.
Get Your Next 5 Clients 
Deep Dive Training
($497 value)
We will break down EXACTLY what to do to bring in your next five clients so that you can start making back your investment right away!

We will cover how to:
Research your Ideal Client
Craft your magnetic message
Learn how to create a powerful Closing the Deal experience
Fill your Closing the Deal Spots
Enroll your next paying clients like a pro

Pay in full or 6-pay plan available!!
In 90 days I launched my business, brought in paying clients, AND lost 7 pounds! 

Before signing up with Krissy I was worried about the cost of the program…”How was I going to fund this work without stressing or spending what I didn’t have?” But after working together I tell everyone “The service isn’t cheap but the growth is life altering and PRICELESS!” 

I learned habits that allowed me to be more fully present and fulfilled in my career and my relationships too. I can say that I’ve truly achieved FREEDOM. I recommend Krissy’s services to any woman who is serious about loving her body, work and life. This work is deep, exciting, motivating and FUN. Krissy truly cares, believes in people, and gets to know their hearts. Working together feels like hiring a best friend to help you achieve goals and live your best life.

- Brittany,
Since working with Krissy I’ve lost 12 pounds and launched my own coaching practice!

The only hesitation I had about working with Krissy was the cost, and honestly once I broke it down it was a no brainer!

Since working with Krissy I’ve lost 12 pounds, but also made some massive changes in my LIFE: I started my own coaching practice, went down to 4 days a week at my current job, started teaching Zumba, and I’ve created a more productive daily routine that makes my heart feel full. 

Krissy shared amazing templates and practices with me that would have taken me YEARS to figure out on my own! 

I’d gone to nutrition school myself but wasn’t sure how to take all that information and put it into practice, but Krissy helped me break through all that quite quickly. 

I’d recommend coaching with Krissy to anyone who wants to move into the health or coaching field. It is not easy to make a career change but Krissy gives you the exact tools to feel confident and ready to take on the next chapter! Just know that if you work with Krissy, be ready for a big, beautiful change because IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!

- Becca, Holistic Health Coach
Krissy helped me transform my life.

Krissy is the most beautiful loving person I have ever met. She saw deep within me – beyond my crap. I felt 100% love and support and belief from her. She helped me transform my life. I want to be like her!

- Pam, Chiropractor and Course Creator
When you PAY IN FULL, you'll also get access to...
(60-minute) VIP Private Coaching
Session with Krissy
($497 value)
When you pay in full, you'll receive a (60-minute) VIP Private Coaching  Session with Krissy ($497 value)! 

You'll get personal 1-on-1 coaching to help you discover exactly what you want and what’s been holding you back and map out a personalized plan. 
Hi! I'm Krissy Leonard... 

Since 2013, I've helped hundreds of women create financial, energetic, and location freedom through monetizing their soul purpose and expertise and turning it into an online business.

I got my start working for 15+ years helping grow multi-million dollar companies through implementing unique marketing strategies, developing authentic connections with their audience, and selling without feeling "sales-y."

After leaving my cushy marketing job to pursue my purpose full-time, I've helped hundreds of other soul-centered women around the world do the same.

I'm committed to helping awakened women like you package your passion and expertise into premium products and programs that change people's lives and allow you to experience increased freedom, fulfillment, and impact.

14-Day Moneyback Guarantee
If you join The Aligned Female Entrepreneur, watch the trainings, follow the AFE Method for 14 days, participate in the Q&A Calls and group feedback, implement and complete the action steps and don’t see results, we will provide extra coaching support to help you launch or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you successfully grow your business.

Let's do this! Ready to grow your business, fill your practice and make the impact and income you desire?
Before joining The Aligned Female Entrepreneur, I didn't have a clear message or organized system in place to consistently run my business. 

I was able to breakthrough to the clarity I needed to develop my messaging (marketing) in a more cohesive, exciting, and inspiring way!

I've also refined my ability to sign on clients; and learned the exact methods for actually running my business that I simply didn't know (even after taking two other online courses for aligned entrepreneurs!) 

I am re-inspired to keep going for the dream and doing the work I was put on the planet to do! (This is probably the most valuable!) 

I felt very met and held through the process. Krissy is... so warm, so down to earth, super attuned, sensitive, an amazing space holder and a total Goddess! The community was super sweet and supportive, women who are clearly as generous as they are badass in going for their goals.. and real! Very authentic.  

Krissy was always spot on with getting back to our questions in detail and clearing up anything that came up - from the personal challenges to the nuts and bolts of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. 

The course content was well rounded, generous, and incorporated so many of the KEY pieces of getting through the personal resistance that undoubtedly comes up along the way in an endeavor like this. 

I think Krissy really created a container where no one could feel left out or behind.

I have begun to put my service offerings out to the world and I’m getting positive responses from my community!

Before signing up with Krissy I knew there was something that I was supposed to be doing and I had a lot of different ideas but I could not pull it together or stay on track to get it up and running.

I was also concerned about finding time to fit it in and the investment, but while going through AFE, I was able to follow a process that felt natural...from doing some inner work, understanding the path that would be a natural fit, and taking the action steps needed to bring it to life. This was an awesome journey that has helped me to step forward in an aligned and Inspired way. 

My biggest breakthroughs were to know that I have everything I need to do this, I can do it my way with ease, and NOW is the time.

Krissy is knowledgeable, sweet, fun, and inspiring. She has been in our shoes, has done the work herself, and has packaged it all into a supportive container with AFE. Being a part of the AFE community, especially during such an uncertain time like we have just been through, has been incredible. 

The ability to be nourished by each other’s energy, challenges, and celebrations was truly the added bonus that I did not anticipate when I signed up. So with ‘surprise and delight’ I have new connections with these amazing women from all over the country.


"I have gained momentum in launching my business and stepped up taking care of my body, mind, and soul. During the program I completed a project for a paying client!" 

Before joining The Aligned Female Entrepreneur I was feeling stuck, complacent, and unsure where to start. I was unsure if the investment would produce profitable results. I was hesitant to pay someone to hold me accountable -- the frugal part of myself was saying "It's a waste of money to pay someone to support you."

Krissy is positive, relatable, and inspiring! The AFE community is supportive! Moving through the program with others sharing how they are overcoming their obstacles helped me feel confident that I can overcome my obstacles too. 



I don't have a lot of free time - is this doable/worth doing?
Yes! This course is designed for women who are currently working in their business or have a full-time job. Trainings are released on Mondays and are about 1 hour in length, Q and A calls are approximately 1.5 hours, bi-weekly. No fluff, just straight step-by-step instruction and implementation. Additional action steps can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours each week, depending on where you’re at in your business. But don’t worry – you have access to the course content for the lifetime of the program so you can always go back and take further action as you are able.
Investing in myself is a stretch for me right now - can I do a payment plan?
Yes! In fact many women opt for the payment plan. You can get started and get access to all the bonus trainings and jump-start program for creating your new business for just $367! This course is designed to have you set up and making back your investment before the program even ends. 
What if I'm not a coach or service-based business, will this still work?
This course is for women who have a soul-centered business or passion project they want to get out into the world. You do not need to be a coach or have a service-based business for this business-building course to work for you. You will need to use the Law of Adaptation in some cases to apply it to a product-based business. 
What can I expect from this course?
This course is designed to show you step-by-step how to get your business idea into the world in just 3 months - but it is self-paced. You will get immediate access to all of the modules when you enroll. Results for every person are different, and just like everything in life, your results depend on you. You can expect heart-felt support and step-by-step explanations of how to get your idea clarified, systematized, monetized, and out to the people who need it most. Tech made easy. Branding beyond the basics. Done-for-you tools and templates and a little bit of humor and fun. 
I am just starting out and don't have a business yet - will I be behind in this course?
This is for women just getting started who have seen a few clients and know what type of business they want to grow. It is for you if you are just starting out OR if you have been in business for some time and are not making the income you want. 
I've been in biz for a little while and have done courses - what makes this different?
I’ve been there myself. I find the courses that have the most impact and move the needle are those that are specific to what you want to create and are delivered by someone who has gotten where you want to go themselves. Hand-holding is necessary. This is a small group, you won’t get lost or forgotten here. This is a GAME CHANGER. Proven tactics – tailored specifically to your business. No hiding out. No getting left behind. That’s what will help you go further faster and make this an investment that easily pays for itself. 
What if I spend all this time and don't make any money?
This course is designed precisely to avoid this common problem. Most smart, resourceful women do the right steps but often in the wrong order, or simply don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to building a solid business. AFE guides your through building your foundation, testing your concept and product, and only then moving forward on the key parts of your business that will be most profitable. 
Can you guarantee specific results?
I love this course and the content is a result of my heart-felt desire and years of experience helping women like you do the work you were put on this planet to do. The testimonials on this page are from real women who started where you are now, did the steps, and got the results. 
DISCLAIMER: My attorney says I have to say this: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. 

More Questions?! Email with questions and we’ll chat!
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 sure this course and her approach are the right fit for you.
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